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Your Voice Matters. Get Out and Vote ... EARLY!

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

Early voting has begun here in Georgia, and early voters have been turning out in record numbers. Here's why you should consider voting before Election Day.

Billboards, Online Ads, Radio Commercials, Social Media ... Anywhere you turn, you are bombarded with voting ads. As many know, this upcoming election is crucial to the sustainability of our country and economy. Many are turning out in record numbers to vote early not only because of the pandemic, but also because of its convenience. Here are a few reasons that you should consider voting early:

1) It's Convenient for Voters

2) It Lowers the Risk of You or Others Getting Sick While Voting; Social Distancing

3) It Is Often Quicker Than Voting on Election Day

4) It Maximizes the Chance That Your Vote Will Be Processed Correctly

Early voting here in Georgia takes place from October 12th to October 30th. The Alpha Gamma Chapter encourages you to vote early if you can. If not, make sure your voice is heard on Election Day, November 3rd! #getoutandvote

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