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We invite you to consider one of the fastest growing, most active and widely recognized sororities for business and professional women in America today. Our membership roster is an extraordinary and diverse representation of professions and skills. Gamma Phi Delta chapters have been formed throughout the United States and the Bahamas. Membership within a graduate chapter of Gamma Phi Delta Sorority, Inc. is open to women of good moral character and reputation who have college and/or professional training beyond regular academics.  We are pleased to have membership that includes women of all ages, professions and vocationally trained

occupations; in addition to young women who are still pursuing their educational goals as

undergraduates. This is what makes us truly unique and opens the opportunity for

sisterhood to women in various occupations.


Graduate Members

Graduate membership shall be limited to women of good moral character and reputation

who: (1) have baccalaureate/associate degree; or (2) have completed an approved two-year specialized training program or equivalent in professional experience. A college degree is not a requirement for membership to Gamma Phi Delta Sorority, Inc. 

Undergraduate Members

Undergraduate membership are those persons who have been duly inducted by any undergraduate chapter according to the laws of the National Organization and who: (1) at the time of induction, are enrolled at an accredited school, college or university for a minimum of twelve (12) hours per semester or quarter and (2) shall be in good standing academically with the school.


Members-At-Large are those persons, who have completed the required training and have received an associate or baccalaureate degree or have completed an approved two-year specialized training program, or have the equivalent in professional experience.

Honorary Members

Honorary members shall be those persons, who because of their outstanding achievements or who have won recognition on a national or international scope, have been elected to this status by the National Conference Body.

Associate Members

Associate members are those persons whose involvements otherwise prevent their participation as a regular member, and who have been approved for this status by the National Board of Directors. The eligibility requirements for associate membership shall be the same as that of graduate members.

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