National Business Women's Week 2019

Tammy McRae

Tammy McRae is the youngest of 12 kids. Tammy excelled academically all through school even landing a full‎ academic‎ scholarship‎ to‎ Mott‎ Community‎ College‎ ‎and‎ a‎ partial‎ academic‎ scholarship‎ to‎ the University‎ ‎ of‎ Michigan,‎ both‎ in‎ Flint,‎ Michigan.‎ After‎ a‎ year‎ at‎ Mott‎ Community‎ College,‎ she‎ enlisted‎ in‎ to the‎ ‎United‎ States‎ Navy,‎ which‎ became‎ the‎ best‎ decision‎ of‎ her‎ life.‎ ‎

During‎ her time in the Navy, there‎ were‎ very‎ few‎ tax‎ preparation‎ companies‎ so‎ the IRS would send navy personnel tax preparation booklets.‎ During‎ her‎ down‎ time‎ she‎ would read‎ these‎ booklets‎ backwards‎ and‎ forwards‎. One day she said‎ to herself: "I‎ can‎ do‎ this!" By‎ her‎ third‎ year‎ on‎ the‎ ship‎, she was‎ doing‎ the‎ taxes‎ for‎ the enlisted on six‎ different ships.

Once she left her duties aboard ship, she joined civilian life and about five years she was contacted by an old shipmate and asked to do his taxes. That was 17 years ago. And that is how Key Financial Services was born.

To date, Tammy has a thriving tax consulting firm with 4 offices in 2 states. As life‎ changed, so did her interest.‎ Although she loves being a tax preparer, she wanted to continue her mother’s legacy so she opened Mazel & Sisters Soul Food Café in Stone Mountain. She also has a catering and party planning service and now. And with the help her niece, she is the owner and operator of Guilty Indulgence, a mobile food truck featuring funnel case and loaded fries.

When Tammy is not being a boss entrepreneur, she is constantly busy with social activities, community service‎, volunteering, but still finds time to vacation with family and friends.

Venus Asberry-Hicks

Soror Venus Asberry-Hicks is an Author, Entrepreneur and CEO of Ramshack Productions. She grew up and was educated in the South Central area of Los Angeles, C.A. She became a mother and single parent in high school so the dream and passion of becoming an author was put on hold for several years. She attended college at Long Beach City College in California and majored in music, but ended up as a certified Nursing Attendant when she gained a position at Rancho Los Amigos Medical Center in Downey, C.A. She worked there for 10 years in the Spinal Injury Unit.


In 2002, after the death of several closely related family members, Venus changed careers and became a Commercial Vehicle Driver. She transported chartered special groups, airfield landing shuttle service and drove for Greyhound Bus Lines Inc., before becoming an over the road truck driver. During this time, she finally became a published author of the short story called, “ Shh! It’s A Secret” by Jus’ Venus.


Excelling various hobbies such as genealogy research, photography, arts and crafts, she decided that being an entrepreneur would benefit her children more and sustain her legacy as well. So there came a need of a change of environment so she moved her family to Atlanta, G.A., this is where Ramshack Productions, LLC. This family owned business consists media and film productions, audio engineering and some musical techniques. Under the production umbrella, is also Ramshack Accessoriz Div. a retail service for Greek sorority paraphernalia and crafts.


While creating her own legacy, she later found out that through her grandmother, Gladia Bell of Los Angeles, C.A., and her great aunt, Dr. Willie B. Kennedy, were members of Gamma Phi Delta Sorority, Inc. So she made the decision to join the Alpha Gamma Chapter of Gamma Phi Delta Sorority, Inc. in Atlanta, G.A.


She has been in the Alpha Gamma chapter for three years. She serves as our the Fundraising Chairperson and Chapter Historian. She is one of our sorority vendors.

Kelli Adams

Kelli is a native of Atlanta, Georgia who resides in the City of South Fulton. She is a wife, mother of two, and entrepreneur. Kelli has a love for real estate. She earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Real Estate from the University of West Georgia and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Phoenix.

In November 2018, Kelli launched her real estate career with Weichert Realtors – Prestige Partners. Clients appreciate Kelli’s honesty, timely communication, and perseverance. Her best quality is perseverance. She is always looking for ethical ways to make your real estate dreams come true. She services clients in Metro Atlanta, Douglas County, and Cobb County.

Kelli is a native Atlantan, of more than 30 years, so she is extremely familiar with Georgia as a whole. Regardless of where you are interested in making real estate transactions in Georgia, Kelli is well equipped to assist you.

Kelli is happy to help you meet your real estate needs. Give her a call at (404) 437-6297 today to take the first step towards one of the best decisions of your life! You can also reach out to her on Facebook at Kelli Adams, Realtor - WR Prestige Partners​ or on Instagram at @kadamsre.

Cola Pettiford

Entrepreneur. Survivor. Author. Millennial.


Cola Pettiford is the owner of We Got Soul - SoulSoul Food Restaurant in Stone Mountain, Georgia. She has been a small business owner since 2012.

Ms. Pettiford prepared for business ownership by earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Paine College and a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership from Strayer University. Her entry into business ownership was merely a flicker in the earlier years of her career. She became certified as a DUI Instructor, and she quickly advanced to become Director of the DUI program. This leadership position served to turn the flicker into the fiery flame that is her entrepreneurial spirit.


As a survivor of misdiagnosed Sickle Cell Anemia, Cola had known physical pain and suffering her entire life. At a time when not all did, she lived to tell about her Sickle Cell crises - even while boasting her beautiful 1000-watt smile. Surely, becoming owner of a business could not pose as tumultuous a battle as had Sickle Cell Anemia! With this belief packed strongly within her mindset, she set out to make her dream a reality. This reality is now located at 5120 Stone Mountain Highway, Suite A, Stone Mountain, GA, and is regularly patronized by loyal customers on a daily basis.

Cola Pettiford's story continues to unfold, and now on paper. She's taking her story from the kitchen table to the coffee table. Ms. Pettiford is penning her autobiography, the story of how her trials and triumphs - her soul's journey - became our souls' companion in the form of the delicious southern cuisine found at We Got Soul - Soul Food Restaurant. When not working hard, Cola can be found traveling, spending time with family and on Facebook and Instagram under "We Got Soul."

Noni Robison 

Noni Robinson is an IT Manager of Business Engagement at Novelis North America. Noni Robinson serves as IT Manager at Novelis, with responsibility for Business Engagement, EDI and Project Management.


Her staff of sixteen (many who are women of color), touches all areas of the organization. Noni began her career with the company six years ago as a Financial Analyst and held additional positions in Accounting and Project Management in preparation for her current position.


Noni has a passion for the welfare of women and is involved with several women’s initiatives at Novelis and the local Democratic Party in her county.

Noni is originally from the Republic of Panama, and has one daughter. She came to the USA at 22 years old, and attended Georgia Tech and The University of Phoenix.