Elected Chapter Officers (2020 - 2022)

Sharmaine Scott – President

Michelle Potts – 1st Vice President/Membership

Rhea Dawkins – 2nd Vice President/Scholarship

VaShonna Braxton – Secretary

Ann-Marie Hammond – Financial Secretary

Marcey Hobson – Treasurer

Darlinda Jones – Assistant Secretary

Tracy Cutler – Editor

Angela Bowman  Immediate Past President

Appointed Positions (2020 - 2022)

Chaplain: Goldia Brown

Historian: Janine Mack

Keeper of Property: Angela Bowman

Courtesy Officer: Eloise Thomas

Parliamentarian: Dr. Darlene Ruffin-Alexander

Monitress: Angela Bowman


Membership Committee – Michelle Potts, Chair


Fundraising Committee – Ira Turman, Chair and Claudia R. Bynum-Alston, Co-Chair


Youth Auxiliary Committee – Tracy Bankston, Chair and Sandra Strozier, Co-Chair


Scholarship Committee – Rhea Dawkins, Chair


Public Relations Committee – Tracy Cutler, Chair


Civic Engagement Committee – Extriara Gates, Chair

Training and Development Committee – Tracy Cutler, Chair and Darlinda Jones, Co-Chair

Undergraduate Committee – Marcey Hobson, Chair

Boule 2022 Committee – Angela Bowman, Chair and Ann-Marie Hammond, Co-Chair

Webmistress: Janine Mack